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Click for Yelp and Google reviews.

What people are saying about Robyn:

“Robyn is among the most positive, energetic people I know and truly believes in the adage “the customer comes first.”

“She has stellar negotiations skills and creative marketing techniques and absolutely loves her job and her clients which show in all of her work.”

“She had great advice on pricing and, once I decided to go ahead and sell, staged the place beautifully.”

“She really does know how the market moves and what makes people pay attention to a listing.”

“She is one of the most prompt repliers to emails and texts that I’ve ever met in any professional capacity. Even with her busy schedule, we ALWAYS felt like we were prioritized and listened to.”

“I have rarely met anyone with Robyn’s incredible work ethic. But not only does she work hard for you, but she knows her stuff about DC real estate.”

“She will always be the first person we call when it comes to real estate here in DC.”

“She is a true professional and knows how to get results!”

“Robyn is definitely focused on client satisfaction in all aspects of the selling and buying process.”

“She provided outstanding guidance in every phase of the process, from preparing our home for sale all the way through to closing.”

“She is highly detail-oriented and understands exactly what you are looking for and is never high-pressure”

“Robyn has such an upbeat personality and is so easy to get along with, you feel like you’re working with a best friend!”

Full reviews can be found on YELP  and Google.

If you’re considering a move, please give The Porter Group a call. We’re ready to help! 703-963-0142, 301-320-8349, or robyn@robynporter.com.

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