Selling a home

3 Reasons Why It’s Good To List Your Home Now

While the housing market traditionally heats up with the weather, buyers are looking year-round. If you’re thinking about selling your home, here are a few reasons why now is a great time to get it on the market.

Appreciation. Your home’s value is based on the market, not the season. In the last few years, home values have increased by more than 20% in some areas, creating a significant profit for homeowners when selling.

Motivated buyers. Spring and summer are generally considered the “peak seasons” for real estate, but prospective home buyers that start shopping in January are serious, motivated and ready to buy.

Reduced competition. Inventory is already tight, and it can be even more restricted in the winter months. With fewer homes on the market, sellers face less competition. A home that’s in great shape and shows well will stand out.

If you are considering selling your home, I’ll be happy to provide you with a comparative market analysis of your home’s value. Plus, I can offer advice on how to get your property ready for market and guide you throughout the entire selling process, no matter the time of year. Please get in touch with me today at 703-963-0142 or

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