2022 Design Trends

This year’s design trends come with many changes. As we spend more time indoors and want the feeling of warmth and comfort the color palette will move to more earthy tones and smaller sitting areas. A high-tech home will forever be in the forefront of design trends as we aim to make our lives a bit simpler as technology improves. Consider Vogue’s 2022 Interior Design Trends for what’s in and what’s out below.

What’s In…

  • Shades of brown
  • Nature-inspired surfaces and objects
  • Sculptural and curved furniture
  • Elevated outdoor furniture
  • Tactile textiles and textures
  • Dual-purpose rooms
  • High tech homes
  • Vintage and sustainable accents
  • Leather furniture and upholstery
  • Travel-inspired interiors
  • Mixing materials and design styles
  • Bold patterns and colors

What’s Out…

  • Open floor plans
  • All-white everything
  • Non-functional decorative objects
  • Boxy sofas
  • Boucle

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