3 Things Not To Do In a Seller’s Market

Experts are always telling home buyers how to win a bidding war in a seller’s market. But nobody tells them what not to do. That changes today.

Check out the video to learn three helpful tips to remember in a heated real estate market and multiple home buyers are vying for the same property.

One: Don’t fall in love with a house til it’s yours because you’ll be heartbroken if you don’t win the bidding war.

Two: Don’t focus on winning a bidding war just to win. You may end up winning but be stuck with a large mortgage for a house you only so-so like.

Three: Don’t pay more for the house than the house is worth. If you do, it may take many years to build equity in the home. 

If you’re considering a move, let’s talk. While we’re in a home seller’s market, buyers are getting their dream homes. There are strategic ways to craft your offer to help yours rise above the competition … without ending up buyer’s remorse. Get in touch with Robyn Porter today. 703-963-0142 or

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