Buying a home

Home Inspection Myth

Attend your home inspection to learn how your home works

MYTH: When buying a “new construction” home you don’t need a home inspection.

FACT: Home inspections are importnant when buying any home. During the inspection on this new construction home, the heat pump wasn’t working properly, the dishwasher didn’t function, and while checking out the electrical panel, there was a flash of light, loud boom, and smoke. Big ticket items & safety concerns! We can now negotiate to have the seller repair all of these items prior to closing. But, if inspection haven’t been completed, the buyer might be out of luck to them fixed by the seller.

My clients gets recommendations for experienced home inspectors who can conduct a thorough assessment of your home. This is helpful for home buyers, as well as home owners preparing their home for sale.

For questions or more information, please get in touch at 703-963-0142.

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