Home improvement

5 Dirtiest Places in Your Home

Keep your home clean with these tips.

Life gets busy, and cleaning takes time. While doing laundry and washing dishes are necessary evils, here are the dirtiest places in your home that you should focus your attention on.

  1. Coffee maker
    The water reservoir in your coffeemaker is an incubator of germs that can literally make you sick. Remove the reservoir monthly and scrub with hot, soapy water. And don’t forget to flush with vinegar every few months as well.
  2. Stair railing
    Think of how many times hands touch that railing daily. Wipe It down every month with a disinfecting cleaner, and when anyone in the family is sick or guests visit.
  3. Remote control
    Everyone touches it, often while snacking. Dab a cotton ball in some rubbing alcohol and wipe the remote clean.
  4. Toothbrush
    Another great home for bacteria, put your toothbrush through the dishwasher to keep it clean and replace it every three months.
  5. Light switches
    One of the dirtiest items in your home, light switches, shouldn’t be missed when cleaning. Spray with a vinegar and water mixture and wipe the faceplate and switch clean.

If you’d like more tips on keeping your home fresh, including staging and updating ideas, or are considering buying or selling a home, please get in touch. I’m happy to help! Mobile: 703-963-0142 Email: robyn@robynporter.com

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