Selling a home

Private Exclusive Listing: 11530 LeHavre Drive, Potomac

11530 LeHavre Drive, Potomac, Maryland

A private exclusive listing occurs when the home seller prefers not to list their home publicly in the MLS. Rather, the seller signs an exclusive listing agreement with a real estate brokerage, and that company shares the listing with its agents and other agent contacts.

There are several reasons a home seller would choose not to include their home in the MLS. For instance, the seller may be a celebrity and only wants serious buyers looking at their home; the seller could have many small children at home and wants the convenience of limiting showings to just a handful of buyers; or it could be an estate sale where the Trustee wants to sell the home quickly with little hassle. There are as many reasons to sell privately as there are homes for sale!

If you’re considering a home sale and would like to discuss your options, please give me a call. 703-963-0142

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