Get to Know Robyn Porter and The Porter Group

We post lots on social media, so thought we’d share a bit about us if you’re a new follower. Here are some fun facts:

✔️ Since 2004, Robyn Porter has been helping people buy & sell homes. We are serviced-driven and results oriented. We’re pretty fun, too! 

✔️ Based out of Long & Foster Real Estate’s Bethesda MD All Points office, Robyn Porter and The Porter Group are well-positioned to help home buyers and home sellers in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. And, if you’re relocating across the country, we can find you a talented realtor in your new home state. 

✔️ As Your Real Estate Agent for Life(R), we can help you buy or sell your first home, next home, or retirement home.

✔️ We love pets! Dogs, cats, chickens, and even goats. You name it, we can find a home that your pet will love as much as you do. (Pro Tip: Ask about Robyn’s three Boxers and pet goat.) 

✔️ In 2020, we helped more people buy and sell homes that at any time in our group’s history. 

✔️ We are Realtors, project managers, negotiators, problem solvers, marketers, photographers, parents, neighbors, friends, and we’re here to make real estate fun and stress free! 

👉🏻 Give us a call anytime to discuss your real estate goals and how we can help you achieve them. We’re ready to help! 703-963-0142

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