Fall Home To-Do Tips

I hope your summer has left you with delightful memories of fun-filled moments with family and friends. Ready or not, cooler weather is quickly approaching and now is a great time to take steps to prepare your home. 


1.     Fertilize your lawn and plant flower bulbs

2.     Store or cover your outdoor furniture

3.     Clean and reseal your deck

4.     Scrub trashcans

5.     Drain garden hoses

6.     Wrap your pipes and purchase faucet covers

7.     Have the roof checked out and make necessary repairs

8.     Clean your gutters to ensure proper drainage

9.     Check windows and doors for leaks and gaps

10.  Sweep porches, patios and walkways

11.  Clean windows


1.     Vacuum out your furnace, ensure vents and filters are clear and consider having it professionally cleaned

2.     Have your chimney cleaned and inspected

3.     Reverse ceiling fan blades

4.     Replace light blankets with heavier throws

5.     Pack up summer clothes and replace with fall/ winter gear

6.     Inventory fall and holiday decorations

7.     Deep clean bathrooms

8.     Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans

9.     Clean out kitchen drawers and oven

10.  Organize pantry, throw away expired food and stock up on essentials

11. Buy firewood

If you or someone you know if considering a move, please get in touch with me. My team and I are ready to help! 703-963-0142 or

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