Cell Towers Coming to Takoma Park

The Montgomery County Council will be holding a Public Hearing on Bill ZTA 19-07 on Tuesday, November 19th at 7:30pm at the Montgomery County Council Building.  If this Bill passes, it will allow the deployment of Small Cell Millimeter Microwave radiating antennas in “some” residential areas every 2-3 or so homes only 30 feet away from our houses.

Here is a great website from Takoma Park with a lot of info on the proposed amendment about 5G antennae placement in YOUR neighborhoods.

Click here to search on your address and locate the cell tower, multipurpose towers, microwave arrays and radio wave antennas that are beaming EMF at you, and find out what types of EMF they are broadcasting, who owns them, which ones are registered and which are not, what kinds of towers are planned in the near future for your area, and more, displaying it all within a 4 mile radius from your house.

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