Home improvement

4 Tips to Prep Your Home for Sale

You’ve heard the headlines—there’s a shortage of homes for sale, and that’s driving us toward a sellers’ market. However,just because home sellers are favored in these conditions, that doesn’t mean every property will sell for top dollar and in little time. Buyers today are more selective than they’ve been in the past, and if you’re getting ready to sell, you need to keep these facts in mind.


Make it move-in ready. Call it the HGTV effect, but more and more buyers come to the market with high expectations and desires for a move-in ready home with the latest updates and designs. 


Stage your home for success. Most Realtors can recommend a quality home staging

professional, who’ll help you style your home in a way that’ll appeal to the most buyers. 


Start preparing well ahead of when you want to move. Nowadays, you might have to renovate a bathroom or install new flooring before listing your home. By starting the improvement process before your home is for sale, you’ll have time to research contractors and shop for the most competitive bid. 


Consider a pre-listing inspection. By getting your home inspected ahead of time, you’ll learn whether there are any issues with your home and then you can remedy those problems before it’s on the market—helping save you from paying out at settlement for repairs. 


If you’re considering a move, please get in touch. I can help. 703-963-0142 or robyn@robynporter.com

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