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S.A. – Five Star Review


New Capitol Hill home owners!

The following review was left on Yelp.

I have never left a review on any platform before, but I had to for Robyn. We were introduced by a mutual friend (another dedicated Robyn client) and we honestly just clicked.

A little preface here, my bf and I are first time homebuyers together and had already gone through two agencies trying to search for a good fit. Finding a realtor that just checks every box you’d want is a hard enough task, but as first time homebuyers we needed that extra hand holding and support.

Here comes Robyn with her incredibly warm personality and never ending well of energy and determination. I’m serious, she crosses all your t’s and dots all your i’s for you when you don’t even know where to start. She is one of the most prompt repliers to emails and texts that I’ve ever met in any professional capacity. Even with her busy schedule, we ALWAYS felt like we were prioritized and listened to.

I have rarely met anyone with Robyn’s incredible work ethic. But not only does she work hard for you, but she knows her stuff about DC real estate. She’s got an eye for good properties and will tell you her honest opinion about the listings you’re looking at.

One of the things that really surprised me about Robyn is just how engaged she stays with you even AFTER closing. To this day she’s still providing her amazing DMV area contractor contacts and is always on hand to answer any questions we have. She still interfaces with the seller’s realtor on our behalf and her timeline for responses is still as instant as ever.

Beyond all the professional accolades we could heap on Robyn, I have to say I just absolutely enjoy her as a person. She’s got great intuition, a charmingly positive attitude and I completely trust that she had our best interests in mind throughout the entire process and after. She will always be the first person we call when it comes to real estate here in DC.

And ask about her goat…

If you’re consider a move, please call Robyn Porter at 703-963-0142 or email

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