Home improvement

Pre-Spring home maintenance checklist

March is right around the corner and will be here before you know it. But while it’s still cold there are so indoor home maintenance and cleaning tasks to tackle.

The items below will not only give your home a fresh feel, but also will help you get a head start on spring cleaning.

Bed linens. Remove all bed linens, including your comforter, pillow sham and bedskirt. Launder or dry clean them to eliminate dust mites that can accumulate on bedding and cause allergies or mold. Fluff down pillows on a short spin cycle in the dryer with no heat.

Medicine cabinet. Discard all expired medicines. See if your local police department has a medication drop-off day or box for safe disposal.

Blinds, ceiling fans and light fixtures. Use a duster or damp cloth to clean off the dust and grime that builds up on blinds, ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Refrigerator and garbage disposal. Empty your refrigerator and wipe it down with a disinfectant. White vinegar and baking soda also work well to clean both your refrigerator and garbage disposal.

Spice cupboard. Expired spices and herbs lose their flavor and may harbor mold or other bacteria. Clean out your spice cabinet twice a year to ensure freshness.

Junk drawer, kitchen cabinets and food storage containers. Decreasing clutter cuts down on stress, so give your mental state a break by organizing drawers, cabinets and storage containers.

Bookshelves. Take everything off your bookshelves and dust them. Books can be cleaned by vacuuming them, using a soft brush attachment. Carefully select what goes back on the shelves and donate books no longer needed or used.

If you’re planning for a spring or summer home sale, now is the time to start getting ready for it. Set a timetable, call me so I can prepare a marketing plan, and make a list of projects to do that will help your home show well.

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