Home improvement

How Not to Sell a Home.

The photos below are currently being used to promote a home for sale that just came on the market in Washington DC’s Columbia Heights neighborhood. It’s listed for $669,000.

I’m not one to dis other real estate companies or agents, but the photos are a great example of why you don’t hire discount brokerage companies and/or an agent who lacks marketing experience or the integrity to show their client in the best possible light.

In a time where people search online for homes and first impressions are important, shame on the agent for not counseling clients on proper home-staging. If this is a tenant issue, then the agent or seller should’ve offered to pay a professional company clean the home.

It’s like the agent doesn’t care about his clients; just the commission. 

I realize I’m giving  voice to the listing but, rest assured, if the homeowner can’t even make a bed (or arrange for someone to do so) you can bet they haven’t been maintaining the house. Buyer beware.

Home sellers should ask potential listing agents for references. And call them. If you don’t have time for a deep clean or don’t know how to stage your home, a good agent will help you find people that to do this for you. A clean, organized, well-kept home will leave a great impression to home buyers and help you get top dollar for your home. After all, a home is most people’s biggest investment and should be treated with care.

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