Home decor

Home Staging Tips: Making Formal Fun

While I prefer homes with an open floor plan and combination living spaces, my older home has a separate living room. For years I never used the room because it always seemed stuffy and formal. What a waste of space!

So I mixed things up. Quite literally.

Step 1: Some furniture is just meant to be bought new rather than second hand. A couch is one of them. Upholstered chairs too. Unless you want to spend big bucks on professional cleaning to remove dirt, dander, and smells from used furniture, buy new anything with fabric. 

Choose comfortable and functional pieces that won’t look shabby after a few uses. If you never sit or lay on your furniture, it’s a waste of money.

Step 2: Scour yard sales and auctions or your parents’ basement for furniture. You’ll be surprised at the great deals and how easily the pieces come together to make an inviting living space. 

Tip: Cheap furniture stores sell cheap furniture that looks cheap. You’re much better off buying second-hand quality pieces inexpensivly than buying something cheap. Believe me, there’s a difference.

This is a photo of my living room. Nearly everything except for the couch, two chairs  and rug was bought at auction or barn sale. No pieces cost more than $300.  

Using inexpensive pieces allows you to make changes regularly without feeling guilty.


Step 3: Accessorize! Pillows, prints, mirrors, books, and flowers are just some of the inexpensive items you can use to create comfortable and inviting spaces. Blend color, styles, and textures to create layers of interesting elements. 

Home decor is a chance to express your personal style. Be bold and changes things until they feel right to you. Nothing is a no-no. Home decor is constantly evolving so swap accessories between rooms or with friends; move furniture; paint walls. The reward will be an eviable room where you can kick back after a long day and say, “yeah, I like it. It’s pretty awesome.”

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