5 Truths about Buying a Home.

Tips to help you through buying a home.

Tips to help you through buying a home.

1. Buy a home because you’re the one that likes it; not someone else. Input is nice from friends and family but you have to live there and you’re the one paying the mortgage. So make sure you don’t mind writing that check every month.

2. Buying a home is an emotional roller coaster. You’ll be happy, scared, nervous, but ultimately you’ll realize it’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. And one of the best emotions you’ll experience is the feeling when you’re handed the house keys for the first time.

3. Buy a home that fits your current stage of life. Life unfolds quickly and in many instances not the way you planned. I always thought I’d get married then buy my first home. Life thought differently. I bought my first home because I couldn’t find an apartment that would allow my dog. When I became pregnant it was clear that a one bedroom city loft wasn’t going to cut it. So I sold my home and bought a two bedroom townhouse in the suburbs. Then I got married and bought a single family home. I now also own a farm.

People leave home, get married, get divorced, have babies, adopt, downsize, retire, and move across the county. There’s a home for every stage of your life. In fact, in the Washington DC metro area it’s common from people to buy and sell homes every three to five years.

4. No home is going to be absolutely perfect, but it should be pretty close. I’ve yet to have a client not make changes to a property, giving it their personal touch. Paint, is one of the most common changes. Followed by window treatments and landscaping. Buying new appliances or updating a bathroom don’t fall far behind.

5. Buying a home is one of the best in the long term investments a person can make. According to the National Association of REALTOR, in 2016, the wealth of a homeowner will be 45% greater than that of a renter. The sooner you start investing in your financial future the sooner you’ll be building your nest egg.

Happy House Hunting!

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