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Home Staging Tips: Small Spaces

Tip 1: When home decorating don’t forget the small spaces. 

It’s easy to lose sight of a small space, nook or corner and focus on a room as a whole. But by doing that you’re missing the chance to add some fun whimsy to your look. Small spaces are easy to decorate too. A colorful stack of books, fresh flowers, some mismatched frames or pillows can quickly (and inexpensivly) give the space a pop of “Wow!”

I have a small hallway bathroom that’s easy to overlook since the door is always closed. But to my house guests it’s one of the most important rooms in my home.

Tip 2: Keep decorating simple. In many instances the old adage is true: less is more. And it’s true for small spaces in your home.

Framed photos are perfect for a small space.

Framed photos are a great way to easily add color and make a drab wall more interesting. Mix the frames too. The towel hanger is a flea market find.

Note: I’m a sucker for bead board. I splurged a little and had a contractor add it a few years ago. Since it’s a classic look, over time I can just repaint the walls with updated colors and the bathroom will still look fresh.

Tip 3: ALWAYS keep small spaces clean, especially bathrooms. A dirty or messy bathroom will speak volumes about your cleaning habits. Someone won’t necessarily remember a clean bathroom but they will certainly remember a dirty toilet.

Have fun with your small spaces. They’re the easiest to decorate. For more decorating ideas, check out my Pinterest page dedicated to small spaces.

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