Home Staging Tips: The Beginning

Friends and clients often ask me about staging and for tips to give their home a fresh new look. Most people think they need a professional home stager and a bunch of new, expensive furniture. Truthfully, all they need is a fresh perspective.

As a REALTOR I go into lot of homes. Lots! I take tips from what I see as well as my own personal inspiration and try to incorporate ideas in my home. You’d be surprised at how swapping furniture and accessories between rooms or a simple paint color change will make a room feel brand new. Best part? It’s super inexpensive!

There are no cookie-cutter rules to home decorating. To help people along and give some inspiration I’ve started this series of home staging & decorating blog posts based on my own home. For the record, my home isn’t perfect. But that’s the point. It’s an evolving template. Hopefully through the these posts I can pass long ideas that will help you see your own home in a new light.


My farmhouse bedroom.

Tip #1: What’s old can always be new.

Generally speaking, you don’t need to spend tons of money to change your home decor. There are some things I do splurge on, including mattresses, pillows, and bed sheets. Everything else? Up for grabs. Case in point: This is a photo of my farmhouse bedroom. The headboard is a vintage door that I picked up at an auction for $25. The blue chippy door is also vintage and cost just $15. In fact, one of the first things I did when I bought the farmhouse was to have a contractor take out every “new” door and replace them with vintage doors. None of the doors cost more than $40. (Bonus: The doors are more well-built than some of the mass-produced doors today.)

Tip #2: Just ’cause it walks like a duck doesn’t mean it’s a duck.

Think outside the box when decorating. Just because something is sold to you as one thing doesn’t mean it has to be used in that way. The cabinet on the right in the photo is a vintage kitchen cupboard. I’m not a fan of traditional dressers but I’m also not a fan of leaving my clothes on the floor. The cupboard has study, wide shelves so it’s perfect as my new “dresser.”

Hopefully I’ve given you a little inspiration or sparked an idea to incorporate into your home. My goal is to add home staging tips weekly. So check back often. Better yet, sign up to receive my blog posts.


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