Awards & Accolades

From One Million to Hall of Fame

First million

Recently I cleaned out my closet and found a letter I received in 2005 congratulating me on my “first million dollars in home sales” during my first year in real estate. They say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. No truer words have been spoken. For nearly 11 years I’ve had the privilege of helping some wonderful people buy and sell homes. There’s no better feeling than handing a set of keys to a first-time home buyer and then see a huge smile in return or see a home seller sign on the dotted line and receive a large check handed to them. I’ve helped newly engaged couples buy their first property together and clients rushing to buy a larger home before the baby arrives. Buying a home is a major life event and I’m thankful I get to share the moment with some very special people.

I’ve now been selling real estate for nearly 11 years. I’m happy to say I’m now in Long & Foster’s Hall of Fame. Membership in the Chairman’s Club Hall of Family occurs when you’ve sold $5M-$10M in homes in at least seven consecutive or non-consecutive years with the company.

As the Thanksgiving holiday nears, please know I am forever thankful for the many professional achievements my clients have brought to my life. I certainly couldn’t have done it without them. I look forward to many more years working together.


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