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The point of antler decor.

Antlers. It’s the fall trend we’ve been anticipating and to be honest, the one we can’t get enough of. And while we love the cast aluminum antlers of seasons past, we’re truly captivated by the natural beauty of the real thing.

Working with a local rancher out west for over a year now, we’ve managed to amass quite the collection of authentic antlers (available in stores only) and they’re both amazing and massive!


From the North American elk, the lengths of these antlers varies anywhere from 31” to 45” l. and some have up to 16 points (or tines). Twelve to 14 points is fairly standard we’re told.

Our rancher friend collected one, two, sometimes more from Southern California, to Arizona, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. It’s highly unlikely any two antlers are from the same stag considering an elk does not shed its antlers at the same time. So, finding a matching set will be next to impossible.

Some other pointed facts about antlers that you might find interesting:

∙ A stag, or male deer, begins to grow its antlers as early as 10 months old.

∙ Each antler will grow at least 1″ per day.

∙ Initially antlers are shed in the spring. As the animal ages, antlers will be shed in the winter and regrow throughout the spring and summer months.

∙ Each year, an elk’s antlers will become longer, wider and grow more points.


Need antler-inspired decorating ideas?

1. Set singly or in clusters on tabletops.

2. Accent with fresh greenery or get an entirely different look with pillar candles in varying heights.

3. Display from the ceiling using wire or decorative rope or ribbon.

Find more decorating ideas at Arhaus and on Pinterest.

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