Empty Nester Dry-Run

A glimpse into the future of sending my son off to college.

Pinky Swear Farm

Football field at McDaniel College. Football field at McDaniel College.

Since Jack was about 7, I’ve had the book Empty Nester near my bedside. I haven’t cracked the cover, but the book sits there as a looming reminder that one day Jack will leave home for college and begin his life out from under my protective wings. Today I had a glimpse of what that day will look like.

Now that Jack is well into high school, gone are the summers where I packed-up his things so he could spend a couple of weeks at summer camp. Camps where kids escape the clutches of their parents to hang out with old friends and soon-to-be new ones for warm, sunny days full of outdoor adventures, bland food disguised as “spaghetti night,” and evenings of bonfires and ghost stories. As cherished as those memories will someday be to Jack, that “kids-stuff” is now pushed aside for more…

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