Top 10

Top things you wish the real estate agent told you.

spring garden on Van Ness. 4.28.14

I’ve helped people buy and sell homes for more than ten years. Over the course of my career, I’ve learned things people wish their agent told them while buying a home, owning one, or selling their home.

10. Those home improvement projects are more time consuming and costlier than you think.

9. People really do notice those fingerprints on your switch-plates, doors and cabinets. Many buyers assume that if a home seller doesn’t take the time to clean a few fingerprints they probably didn’t have the time to do regular maintenance like change air filters and have the HVAC system serviced regularly.

8. Home buyers will decide if they like your home within the first five minutes of walking through the front door. Wow them right from the start. Don’t wait for the updated kitchen or bathroom to do it.

7. If you’re purchasing a condo, townhome or row house it’s probably a sure bet you’re going to hear noise from your neighbors. Just make sure it’s at a level that won’t prevent you from enjoying your home.

6. You can part ways with your agent. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, if you feel like it’s not working out be frank and discuss the issues with your agent. Home ownership is one of your biggest investments so make sure you get the service you deserve and expect.

5. If you buy a home facing a busy street and you like to have your windows open you’re going to be cleaning dirt and dust off all of your things.

4. You will use your outdoor space more often than you think so invest in its upkeep. Not only will get enjoyment from relaxing outdoors you’ll add value to your home.

3. While it’s good to get input from friends and family when you’re buying a home, remember they’re not going to live in the house nor make your mortgage payment. You’re buying a home for you not for them so make sure you like it for whatever reasons make you happy.

2. Home maintenance is critical in maintaining the value of your home. Make time for regular service calls; when something breaks fix it.

1. Your first home will be more special than any other home purchase. Take the time to remember it and capture it in photos.

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