A snow day’s surprising gifts.

IMG_7307At the first mention of “snow day” my reaction is that of dread knowing some of my real estate work will probably go undone. My mind then goes to thoughts of my son playing some mind-numbing violent video game for hours or the television blaring through out the day. I think about the slippery roads, careless drivers, wet floors and mud tracked in by my three dogs, and the hours of shoveling the white stuff only to have my driveway partially covered again by a careless snowplow driver. My second reaction is to tell myself to lighten up and just enjoy the fluffy flakes. So that’s exactly what I did.

Sure the little inconveniences that come with snow can be irritating, but how often are we given the gift of an unplanned day full of possibilities? A couple extra hours in bed all snuggled up with the dogs was my first gift of the day. Then came the gift of an exuberant 15yo boy who just confirmed school is closed. The excitement of a snow day didn’t get past the dogs. They flew out the door and across the steps then wore themselves out running in circles and sliding through the yard as if it were Christmas morning. Shoveling the driveway turned into snowball fights and making snow angels. I’m sure by the evening my neighborhood will be dotted with snowmen and their goofy grins.

Sledding is one of my favorite snow day activities. I love trudging through the snow, wrapped in layers of clothes and dragging sleds behind me. Zipping down the hill I’m as young as the kids next to me. Sounds of cheerful screams, laughter and, sometimes, sheer terror from first-timers fill the park from both children and adults. Nobody ever wants to leave the sledding hill but the kids are coaxed away by bribes of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

As the snow continues to fall and blanket the trees outside my window a certain silence and calmness surround me. The snow will be nearly as brief as the snow day itself. So I sit here and enjoy the beauty of the crisp snow and playback the events of the day, knowing the memories will linger long after the snow has melted. Truly a gift, indeed!

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