Fish hooks and real estate.

Fishhook necklaceLast summer I was watching the children of a close friend while she and her husband vacationed in Europe. During the first night in my care, their son managed to get a rather large fish hook with a menacing barb stuck so far in his hand it didn’t exit. Needless to say, we found ourselves in the emergency room. The doctor numbed the boy’s hand and proceeded to remove the hook. Numerous instruments were used in an attempt to pull or cut the hook yet none of the methods works. Not one single medical device was making the hook budge and the boy was panicking. That’s when the doctor turned to the nurse and said, “Call maintenance. Perhaps they have cutters we can use.” Seriously. Maintenance.

After a nervous laugh, I turned to the boy and told him not to worry. I reassured him he was in good hands and the doctor knew what he was doing. In my mind I was thinking, “Are you kidding  me?!?!?!  Is this doctor a nut or what?” Turns out, the boy was in pretty good hands. Maintenance arrived, cut the hook, and before we knew it the hook was out. Phew!

As a REALTOR I often find myself in situations where I must keep calm, assure my clients that everything will be ok, and then find an answer to the challenge. Take for example my seller clients whose home had a major sewage back-up the evening before a 10:00 am final walk-through followed by a noon settlement. Quick thinking, fast working, and a few calls to the right people enabled the walk-through and settlement to go on without a hitch. Other clients discovered their soon-to-be new home was coming with an addition that was literally pulling away from the main house. I worked to cancel the contract and get their earnest money deposit back. They’re now happily in a home they like even more. My most daring  resolution to a client’s hiccup found me dangling off the balcony of a six-story building helping contractors secure a grate so that settlement wouldn’t be delayed. Thank goodness I don’t have a fear of heights!

When I’m confronted with a challenge I try to remember a saying: “You already know the answer. You just have to remember it.” There is a solution to every situation, and being resourceful and creative are the keys to success. And if one attempt doesn’t work, keep at it until the solution is found. As with the doctor, sometimes you have to call in extra help…even if it means being a little unconventional. Make the effort and go the extra mile to find a solution to the challenge. Not only will you have gained experience but I’m guessing you’ll probably have a pretty good story to tell too.

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