Automate your home security.

Home security

Today’s home security systems are like butlers. They keep out unwelcome visitors, let you know when the kids get home from school, shut the garage door behind you, adjust your home thermostat to the temperature you like, turn on the hot tub heater and warn you if a tornado is headed for your home

The newest systems integrate security, lighting, thermostats and family communication with high-tech features like fingerprint and facial-recognition devices. When you’re away from home, you connect to the system using a smartphone, tablet or other device.

Here are ways home security and automation systems can work for you:

• Wireless cameras let you see what the kids are up to or keep an eye on frail parents.
• A Wi-Fi connection prevents burglars from snipping wires to turn off your system.
• Remote-controlled shades you can open or close with your smartphone.
• Use biometric fingerprint and facial-recognition when you don’t want to remember pass codes.
• Access codes to let certain people (i.e. contractors, housekeeper, etc.) enter a room (or your home) on a particular day or time.
• Light fixtures that turn themselves on when a burglar trips the alarm.
• Digital door locks you can open remotely if friends show up when you’re not home.

For recommendations of contractors who can install these features please call me at 703-963-0142 or send an email to

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