Home improvement

Small change; Big impact

20130509-110315.jpgA new door lets the light stream in and brighten an otherwise dull room. It’s a low-cost, easy change that adds value to your home.

Background: The farmhouse pre-dates 1847. This room is part of the original log cabin and under the drywall are vintage beams. One of my upcoming projects is to expose the beams and bring back some authenticity to the home. In the meantime I want to create a pleasant space where I can relax.  Before the new door was installed yesterday this was a drab space I avoided.  The previous door was dark red and metal, and the room sucked all the energy from me. Now I have a fantastic door that adds loads of light, the ability to see who’s on the other side a visitor arrives, and a view of my goats and donkeys playing in the barnyard.

Cost of entire project: $500

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