Peter & Sevilla’s Garden

Peter & Sevilla's Garden

Peter & Sevilla’s Garden

My small farm pre-dates 1847. Subtle signs everywhere give hints to the people who lived here before me and of those who toiled in the fields and labored in the barn. Long before the start of the civil war two young slaves were bound to what I now call Pinky Swear Farm. Not much is known about Peter and Sevilla other than their names. I’m creating a large vegetable and herb garden to ensure they are never forgotten. The fence will be finished in a couple days and I will begin planting Peter & Sevilla’s Garden shortly thereafter. It’s my small way of giving back to two young people who gave so much to the land I call home.

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  1. You’re creating a lot of firsts…. I think your farm is perfectly lovely and you are adding to its beauty every day. Peter and Sevilla would be so honored to know you. What a tremendous heart you have. Keep us posted with lots of pictures of the garden. Hopefully those strong fences will keep Apple out! 🙂

    • Thank you for the nice thoughts!!! I love my little farm and it would be awesome if you could visit one day. In the meantime, YES!, I will try to keep Apple and the rest of the herd, including Pinky, well away from the garden. Have a great weekend!

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