Rescue me. Please.

GO Boxer Rescue

GO Boxer Rescue

For the love of God, please,  PLEASE, do not start walking down the long road of pet ownership unless you can commit YEARS to your furball that is part of your family. I’m constantly dumbfounded when I hear someone has moved and left their pet behind tied up in the backyard. I’ve heard stories of complete neglect, malnourishment, and mistreatment. Earlier this week a man put his live dog in a wood-burning stove to kill it. Seriously? People can be so cruel. Here are some rules I wish all pet owners would follow:

1. Don’t own a pet unless you can give it the same unconditional love it gives you.

2. Don’t own a pet unless you can take care of it in the same manner as you would your child or mother.

3. If you own a pet and find yourself no longer to financially able to care for it, take it to a rescue. Google rescue+(insert breed) and you’ll find tremendous resources that can help.

Pet ownership is a huge responsibility. But with it comes huge rewards. Here’s a recent post I wrote. There are pets for all different lifestyles. Ask yourself a few key questions to decide which is the best for you and your family.

1. Do I have the time needed to commit to taking care of the animal?

2. Do I have the patience to train (i.e. housebreak, etc.) my new pet?

3. Do I have the space in my home for a new pet? For instance, is there ample room for a dog to run and play? If not, is there a nearby dog park?

4. Does the pet have a good temperment with children?

5. Do I have financial resources available to pay for pet food, vet care, toys, boarding, etc?

When you decide your ready to add a pet to your family consider adopting from an animal rescue. These animals make great pets! As an added bonus: you’ll give a second chance to a lovable creature that had a bad start but wants nothing more than a happy ending. Your new pet will be forever grateful and you’ll be given unconditional love. Promise.

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