Home improvement

Poo freezes.

If you would’ve told me a year ago I’d be shoveling poo on a regular basis I would’ve rolled my eyes and said, “you’re nuts,” then headed off to the nearest nail salon. This thought went through my mind as I was chipping away at frozen donkey doo this morning on my farm. Prior to owning a farm my country-life dream was filled with rosy visions of me sipping lemonade on the porch as I gazed at my animals in the distance and watched my son fishing in the pond. Sweet thoughts of butterflies dancing among the bright flowers were mingled with canning peaches to savor in the cold months. Not once did poo enter the picture.

But the poo is there. Lots of it.

These days I can go from make-up to mud in about three seconds. I can return from showing homes in some of the DC area’s most sought-after neighborhoods, put on my work boots,  and start baling hay and clearing stalls. Cleaning poo isn’t one my favorite things to do but it’s a small price to pay to have the farm I’ve always wanted.

Home ownership is pretty awesome. Whether it’s a small one-bedroom condo, a grand home, or something in between, it’s special because it’s yours. But with all things wonderful there are other less desirable things we must endure: paying bills, fixing leaky faucets, repainting the walls, repairing hinges on cabinets that don’t quite close right, and so on. It’s all part of the home ownership experience. We’re unknowingly creating connections with our homes that make them truly ours.

No home is perfect. Things will have to be fixed, updated and replaced. But that’s ok. Those things are suppose to happen. For me, I’ve come to learn that poo freezes and it’s really no big deal to clean up. It’s just a minor inconvenience so I can enjoy what I’ve come to cherish … a home where I’m creating lasting memories in a place I love.

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