The road that leads me home.

Ferrier in winter

I grew up on Sheridan Road in Evanston, IL. Homes were large, lawns were wide, and one of my best friends lived across the street. Some of my best childhood memories happened either on that street or very close to it. Sheridan Road runs parallel to Lake Michigan and my house was just one block from the beach. Walking to the north I’d find the homes of more friends and downtown Evanston. A short drive south would bring me to lively Chicago.

I loved my street and cherish those memories. But today I have a new road that leads me home. This old Maryland road is long and made of dirt. My home rests at the very end. It’s a back country road lined with trees that have seen homeowners come and go for more than 160 years. I’m new to the road but I look forward to the days ahead where I’ll explore the creek that winds through the tall old trees, the secluded path nearly overgrown with brambles, and watching the animals move effortlessly through the forest. I’m excited about the friends I will make and the ones who will visit. I’m thrilled to be home on my new old road.

Tell me about the road that leads you home.

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