Home is where the pets are.

I love my furry beasts and can’t imagine having a home that doesn’t include at least one running around. I bought my first home because I couldn’t find a rental that allowed my dog. I’m so glad times have changed! As a Realtor and pet owner I’m pleased to see that more than ever communities, buildings and landlords are welcoming pets with open arms. People recognize pets give unconditional love and so much more.

Studies have shown that pets can greatly improve a person’s mood and relieve stress. I’m sure I’m not the first person to break into a big smile at the sight of a set of big, happy eyes of some furball. I recently read that when you and your pet spend time together, both of you can actually experience an increase in oxytocin, the “love hormone.” Some studies believe that the feelings created due to the increase of this chemical is what brings people and animals together… and allows animals to become calm enough to be domesticated. Pets also encourage us to get outside and get some exercise. More days that I can count have started by my 80lb Boxer sitting on my chest with his face in mine begging for a walk.

Below are the lovelies of my growing menagerie.


Duke and Henry

Apple 1.26.13

Johnnie Cash Rosie


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