Buying a home

Little things.

Last summer I bought a small farm as my second home. As with any property, getting to know the place and giving it a feeling of my own takes time. Most days bring a small new insight into the history of the home and stories of the people that lived within the four walls. Other discoveries are just plain cool and add a bit of awesomeness to the place. The most amazing discovery appeared quietly in the middle of night this weekend.

While out in the barnyard Saturday afternoon tending to my donkeys and goats I heard a strange sound coming from the barn. I went to investigate, thinking I might find a trapped wild animal. I walked gingerly into the barn and peered into the first stall. Nothing. I peeked around the wall into the second stall and there in the corner was the most amazing little creature bleating out to its mother. It was an hours-old kid. I don’t know who was more shocked, me or the little fur ball. I didn’t even realize his mom was pregnant. The city-girl in me just thought she’d been getting porky from gorging on hay.

Apple 1.26.13

Apple is the first animal born on the farm since I bought it seven months ago. I couldn’t be happier. While I’ve been busy uncovering the stories of the past homeowners I unconsciously was writing the beginning of my own. Little Apple is an early chapter. He was born into a city-girl family in a c.1901 barn where the original c.1847 homeowners owned slaves. He is the beginning of what is to become a colorful, funny, entertaining and memorable ride of home-ownership, country life, and the experiences of a farm-girl in training.

While people may think they’re just buying first homes, seconds homes or retirement homes, they’re really giving life to history to be discovered in someone’s future . What stories will you leave behind?

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