My vegetable garden (fingers crossed).

Vegetable Garden
It’s winter and the windchill feels like it’s sub-zero. It’s cold, baby! To warm up the chill I’m planning a vegetable garden I’ll plant in the spring. This is no easy feat. I’ve never planted a garden before. The closest thing I’ve come to growing tomatoes is buying those already-started tomato plants from the local garden center and popping them in a planter. Even with the head start, my results are pitiful. My tomatoes always end up resembling something that belongs in a dollhouse rather than the foundation for delicious bruschetta.

I bought a small farm last May and I like to consider myself a “farm girl in training.” Gardening is like a rite of passage in the country. It’s quite common to pop over to someone’s home and leave with an armful of produce. Last summer the contractor working on my property always showed up bearing some sort of fresh goody he picked that morning. If I have any chance of fitting in with the locals I need to make my garden grow!

The idea of a large acres-sized garden is not what I’m after. I simply want some veggies to toss in a salad or throw on the grill. My gardening project will start small. The goal is to design something I can recreate back at my home in Montgomery County, MD. Maybe I’ll even inspire some of my DC area clients to create their own backyard or patio garden. I’ve found a few sites that offer a great starting point. Martha Stewart gives tips from Garden Plan & Prep to Garden Care to Harvest & Beyond. Better Homes & Gardens has garden layout plans depending on size, zones and seasons. If you need expert advice on anything garden-related check out the National Gardening Association.  There’s always Pinterest for great visual inspiration. All of these sites make it look so easy. Fingers crossed it is!

Any gardening tips you want to pass along are appreciated. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Who knows, maybe in a few months I’ll even be able to show up on your doorstep with a basket full of delicious tomatoes!

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