Monkey love.


If I had been the listing agent this is the conversation I would’ve had with the home seller who has apparently been channeling Dian Fossey’s love for primates.

“I understand your passion for monkeys and gorillas. Really. I do. I love the moose. Even have a wooden moose statue in my living room and a set of moose salt & pepper shakers in my dining room. But believe me when I tell you people don’t need to see your collection. It’s distracting and potential buyers won’t be able to visualize their items in your home. If your collection means that much to you and you’re serious about selling your home quickly, pack the items away for safe keeping. Your going to have to pack them anyway when you move.”

It was obvious nothing remotely like that conversation took place at the home I previewed today. in the three-story home (listed for $890,000) paid homage to some sort of primate…from the giant gorilla bust that greeted me in the foyer to the monkey hand towels in the guest bath to the home office with a wall lined with a couple hundred stuffed animals (pictured). I simply rolled my eyes and walked out of the house.

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