Ew. What’s that smell?

Pinky Porter

I’m the owner of three lovely, sweet, full of life dogs. The minute I walk into my house I receive a full-on assault of dog kisses and unconditional love. But with the love comes the dog smell. They have that “wonderful” rolling out in the grass, sniffing each other, dog food eating smell that we all pretend only comes with other people’s dogs. Not only do my dogs smell but the chances are pretty high that yours do too. So does your cat, your iguana, your other pets, your cooking, your incense and your cigarettes.

And when you’re selling your home smells matter. Smells set the stage of a home and will leave an impact.

The minute you put your home on the market it becomes a product. To sell quickly and for the right price it must “wow” a potential buyer when they walk thru the door. That’s not going to happen if the first thing they notice is the smell of last night’s fish dinner, the litter box that needs cleaning, or the trash you were too busy to empty before you left for work. Your home might have the latest features and amenities but they may  go unnoticed if the buyer is turned off by the smell.

Small steps make a big difference. For instance, have your carpets professionally cleaned, keep your trash cans empty and litter boxes clean. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. While your home is on the market refrain from cooking anything that may leave a scent that lingers. Clean the ashtrays or smoke outside. If possible, have you pet stay with a friend or family member until your home is under contract.

There are only a few things a buyer should smell when they walk into a house for sale: fresh air, the subtle crispness of a recently used cleaning substance, chocolate chip cookies, apple pie or other baking scents.

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