The art of good service

With all the gadgets, smartphones, tablets and other technology, consumers have become accustomed to lackluster service and those wishing to hurry us along so they can make their next Facebook post. We’ve come to accept this is the way of doing business and surprised when someone is gracious and helpful. I’m choosing to expect good service. I will happily recommend those who do their job well.

I’ve had the pleasure of recently doing business with the following people and companies:

  • Barnhart Electric: They are a small family-owned business based in Hanover, PA. I was trying to install a water heater so my farm animals would have access to running water, not frozen. The outlets at the old barn were not working and I didn’t realize this until late Saturday afternoon. I left a message for Doug Barnhart. Since I didn’t expect to hear back from him until Monday my son and I came up with a short-term, albeit possibly hazardous, solution. Saturday evening Doug called and said he’d be there first thing Sunday. And he was. Turns out some mice had made a home in the barn’s electric panel and made a buffet of the wires. When Doug could’ve been home on his day off preparing to watch football playoff games, he chose to help me. Barnhart Electric has a customer for life. (717) 359-4080
  • CEKAD is family-owned general contracting business based in Gaithersburg, MD. Evelyn is one of the friendly co-owners who has a positive “can-do” attitude. She and her husband, Christian, always seem to come up with a solution to any challenge I throw at them. They offer flexible hours and competitive rates. Most of all, they’re very trustworthy. They stand behind their work and will keep trying until you’re pleased with the results. 301-760-0743
  • Brian Murphy, George Mason Mortgage: As a REALTOR, I’ve worked with many lenders and none compare to the service Brian gives his customers. He takes the time to patiently explain the lending process to first-time home buyers, explain lending programs and helps people choose the program that best suits their specific situation. He always delivers good and bad news at the same speed, which is important when you’re trying to buy a home. Last year he helped me refinance my home in the Washington DC suburbs. I also used him to handle the loan for my farm in Carroll County, MD. Both transactions went smoothly and settled on time. 301-571-2755

If you know of a company or person that delivers good service please let them know. Give a recommendation where you can and always offer a “thank you.” We need to keep people like these in business.

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