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Voss kitchen

A home’s kitchen masquerades for many things: a central meeting point where busy families gather for meals; a place where friends share stories and catch-up; a space to try a new recipe; a room for homework or even a home office.

It’s also the one room that adds the most value to your home.

The kitchen should be at the top of your list when you’re ready to update. Updating appliances; adding granite or Silestone counters; refinishing or replacing cabinets; and/or trashing the dated laminate flooring for a nice tile will always add value and make your kitchen more appealing.

When updating try to get the most bang for you buck without scrimping on quality. Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore locations sell new home improvement goods, building materials and appliances to the public at a fraction of the retail price. Retailers like Lowes and Home Depot offer discounts when signing up with their loyalty programs. I recently got 10% off at Lowes when I bought two major appliances.

Don’t be afraid of floor models either. As long as they don’t have any scrapes, scratches or aren’t broken they can be a great deal. Floor model appliances tend to cost 10-20% less and still carry the full manufacturer’s warranty. I recently bought a stainless steel refrigerator, stove (electric) and dishwasher … all floor models. I spent under $2,000, including the removal of the old appliances. Money well spent!

Pet peeve: Appliances that don’t match in color. What’s up with that?!? Does the homeowner think people, especially potential buyers, won’t notice? Believe me, they will. I showed a home with a white refrigerator, black stove, and stainless steel dishwasher. It looked ridiculous.

If you’re tight on cash, changing the drawer and cabinet pulls, replacing/adding window treatments, or painting always help to liven up a kitchen.

If you’re making changes in preparation for a sale, keep the updates neutral … both in color and features. You may think your updates are beautiful and trendy. The buyer may think otherwise and change it all, which is even more reason not to spend loads on updates.

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  1. very nice set of cabinets there. for people with limited budgets, there are some very convincing laminates out there now that look very convincingly like stone at a fraction of the cost. there is also some VERY trick hardware available for peope who like their gismos and gadgets (myself included)!

  2. im not sure on the availability of the product elsewhere but there is a line of laminate called deepstar granite which is very durable and looks amazing. there are also many different edges and patterns available to suit your tastes. from an installation perspective, laminate tops are very “adaptable”, for lack of a better term (easy to fit to jobsite conditions on the fly).

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