Don’t be surprised to find oranges when house hunting

I’m a nut about lemon trees. I love their cheery color, smell, texture, taste, and uses around the home. Last year I ordered and planted five lemon trees. Most didn’t start bearing fruit until late summer. A couple only recently started to bloom. The fruit starts out small and green and then changes color over time as the fruit grows and ripens.

With the fall came cooling temperatures so I brought the trees inside. I placed them in a room with lots of light and regularly watered them. The holidays came so I escaped to my farm for a week to be with friends, family and my animals. Much to my surprise I came home to find one of my “lemon” trees had ripened into a beautiful orange tree! How delightful! I never would’ve purchased an orange tree since I don’t usually eat oranges. Now that the tree is in full bloom I’m thrilled that I have it — they give off amazing color and a sweet fragrance that lingers.

When I start working with a new home buyer they undoubtedly have a list of “must-haves” for their new home. The lists are always useful to help narrow in on properties. Once my clients and I are out looking at homes the list usually changes. Features a buyer thought they couldn’t live without become less important. Sometimes things they never thought about end up on the top of the list. Kinda like my lemon trees.

I thought I knew exactly what I  wanted and then I unexpectedly found something I really liked.

Keep an open mind as you begin your new home search. Definitely have your list of must-haves but also be willing to tweak your list or look at something that you wouldn’t otherwise consider. You may just find an unexpected surprise … and the perfect home.


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