When buying or selling a home think “combustible hay.”

Sheppard FarmI’m a city girl who recently came into owning several farm animals. Not only am I charging up a steep learning curve but winter is in full-swing so I had to stock up on hay to feed these lovely creatures. A farmer with a lot of hay had an amazing old barn (c. 1750) will a gazillon shuttered windows. The shutters were beautiful but I couldn’t figure out why the heck a barn needed them. So I asked. My mother laughed at me. (Like I’m supposed to know because there are so many barns on the streets of DC?) The farmer paused, looked at me and said, “follow me.” He took me into the cavernous old barn and patiently explained that hay which isn’t properly ventilated can literally combust into flames and burn down a barn. Who knew?!?!?! Not me. He also explained how to stack hay and efficiently get it out to his herd of several hundred cattle…not as easy as you think.

How does this related to real estate?

My best advice when buying or selling a home: ask questions. No matter if you’re a first-time buyer or seller or a seasoned homeowner you’re going to have questions. And probably a lot of them. Do you really want to make a decision on one of your biggest investments if you’re lacking information? Probably not. A good real estate agent will patiently answers all your questions, give you a sense of comfort, and help you confidently navigate the entire real estate transaction. If they don’t, you need to find another agent.

I’m happy to report the barn hasn’t burned down … yet. You’ll have success buying or selling too. Just ask me and I’ll let know you.

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