Home improvement

Chuck the white.

Whoever told you to paint your walls white before you sell your home has a screw loose. Not only are white walls incredibly boring but the “wow factor” in nonexistent. When a buyer walks into a room they want to fall in love. They want to think, “I love this room! I can picture exactly where to put my furniture.” White walls do the opposite. They drain a person’s energy and convey a message of “keep looking. This may not be the house for you.”

Instead of white opt for something neutral and earthy…something that subtly conveys contentment and relaxation. After all, a home is where you find comfort and solace. If you feel compelled to use white at least go with a contrasting color (grey, for example) to make the room interesting. There are some great (and free!) design sites available. I particularly like Houzz. It’s chock-full of ideas, themes, layouts, and more. Great stuff to choose from.

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