I’m back.

It’s true. I started this blog about two years ago. Since then, three posts. Three. Yep…quite the writer. In my procrastination I justified my lack of content by convincing myself that spending time with clients is so much more important than throwing out some words into cyberspace.  And I’m right. But what I’ve recently realized is my awesome clients and our adventures (yes, home buying and selling IS an adventure) are much too good not to share. There is simply no other profession where one can be a crime scene investigator, daredevil, therapist, mediator, marriage counselor, home inspector, and fortune teller under a one-word title … REALTOR. Loving my job (better yet, my clients) is an under-statement. My job and clients ROCK!

I’ve updated my blog’s name to “Twenty Socks” (Thank you, M!) and my future posts will not only fill your desire to learn about every aspect of home-ownership, give you the latest decorating tips to warrant your home being on the next neighborhood home tour, and give you do-it-yourself tips that won’t break the bank so you can take that fabulous vacation. But I’ll also share those things you wish someone told you before you did what you did; those lessons learned that will make you enjoy your current or future home even that much more.

It's really your dog's house

(P.S. All names and home locations will be changed to protect the innocent.)

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